Welcome to the 300Spartans2014 Clan Wiki

Welcome to the clan, we are looking out for new members who actively participate in wars, donate troops on a regular basis and assist other clan members on game playing skills. Please refer to the "clan ethics" page for the clan's code of conduct. A member shall be promoted to the respective ranks of Elder or Co-Leader in mutual consent of the exisiting Leader and the Co-Leaders. This elegibility for promotion shall be derived from member's reported clan activity.  

Clan Symbol

Symbol 16

Clan Members

1 don Leader
2 dale Co-Leader
3 jojo Co-Leader
4 brian Co-Leader
5 Danang Co-Leader
6 king george 3 Co-Leader
7 vitus the king Elder
8 suat04 Elder
9 Lingaa Elder
10 Mido New